Elevators and Lift, Door & Gate Automation

DuraSwing™ 4 Series Door Operators for BFLD, SED, WED, Residential & LULA Elevators

Door Motion Technologies offers three applications for the DuraSwing™ DuraSwing 4 series product:

DuraSwing 4S Safety gate (slide type) automation DuraSwing 4C Hatch door operation from the elevator or lift cab (cab-mounted) DuraSwing 4H Hatch door operation from the hall-side of the elevator shaft

The electronics and hardware vary slightly for each application. All three systems feature true microprocessor control, minimizing the need for manual adjustments and ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

While opening, the gate will reverse and shut down if obstructed. While closing, the gate will re-open, hold and attempt to close if obstructed. Obstruction sensitivity is programmable and force and opening width are adjustable.

The DuraSwing 4C is the most cost-effective, full automation application – particularly for LULA elevator types. For this application, both the safety gate and hatch door operators/openers are mounted on the cab. This allows all in-line gates and doors to be operated by the cab-mounted equipment.
DuraSwing™ 4S & 4H elevator door openers DuraSwing™ 4h hatch door operators
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    • Automate all "swing" doors and gates
    • Non-handed (left or right swing)
    • Adjustable hold-open time (5-45 seconds)
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Customizable trigger options
    • Customizable processor parameters
    • Weather proofing option for exterior use
    • Wireless activation options
    • Sturdy steel construction, powder coat finish
    • Power requirements: 110 VAC @ 2A
  • DuraSwing™ 4H elevator door operator

    Shown above: DuraSwing-4H controlling door with 10-inch deep offset.

  • DuraSwing™ 4S controlling a safety gate

    Shown above: DuraSwing-4S controlling a collapsible safety gate. (Operator rides on cab top.)

  • DuraSwing™ 4C cab and elevator door operator

    Shown above: DuraSwing-4C cab and door operator (which rides on cab top).

  • elevator door openers

    Shown above: Wheelchair Lift Gate Opener.

  • DuraSwing™ MK4R residential door operator outside residential front door

    Shown above: DuraSwing-4H opener utilizing an exterior elevator door application.

  • Mill finish (silver)
  • Duranodic (dark bronze)
  • Taupe