Frequently Asked Questions

Are all DuraSwing™ door openers for commercial buildings?
Actually, all DuraSwing operators are heavy-duty, including the residential model (DS 4R). What distinguishes them is mostly the software that controls the device for its various applications: commercial doors, elevator doors, wheelchair lift gates, residential doors.
Does a DuraSwing™ door operator require training to install or service?
No, but it does require the installer to read the easy to read manual to get a good understanding of the operator and features. All DuraSwing™ operators can be installed in 1 to 3 hours depending on installer.
Does the DuraSwing™ door opener make the door more resistive to manual use?
No, Several models do not attach the actuator arm to the door, so in fact there is no drag on the door. Our door operators that do attach the arm to the door exhibit a negligible drag that goes unnoticed it is so small.
Do I have to know in advance whether the door will be right or left hand opening?
The DuraSwing™ 4 series are not handed in any way. With the DuraSwing™ 5, knowing the "hand" when ordering is helpful, and although the unit is field re-handable, it is better to order it with the appropriate "hand".
Can the DuraSwing™ series be integrated with access control or security systems.
Yes, all DuraSwing™ models have a built-in relay system and 24VDC @ 260Ma on board, which in some cases is used to power an electric strike, sensor or keypad.
Do all DuraSwing models comply with ADA rules?
Are DuraSwing™ door openers listed with certified testing labs?
Yes, CSA-NRTL listing since 1996.
Are DuraSwing™ door openers quiet?
Yes, The large, low rpm DC motor, coupled with an grease-filled, cast aluminum closed gearcase makes for a very silent operator.
Can the DuraSwing™ commercial openers withstand heavy traffic?
Yes, the all-steel, helical and spur cut gears are large and robust, and were designed to withstand up to 1 million cycles, barring abuse, of course. The DuraSwing™ 4 (commercial) model doesn't connect the actuator arm to the door, so cycling only takes place when the button is pushed, and that alone increases the lifespan of the gearmotor.
Do I need 12" of headroom over the door to install the DuraSwing™?
No, not necessarily. The DuraSwing™ 5 needs 8" clear from the bottom of the header, and the DuraSwing™ 4 can be installed motor shaft up in a zero-headroom situation.
Can the DuraSwing™4 openers be mounted outdoors?
Yes, but only if it was ordered with the WPK (weather-proofing-kit) option. This system is designed to keep the elements out of the electronics that are inside the operator, but the final sealing is done by the installer, and the success of the weatherization depends on the installer. We view this option as an option where there is no other alternative.